Fusing traditional and experimental funk beats, jazz/funk horns, with rock riffs and melodies, Hurly Burly has emerged as a square peg in the round hole of music genres. Despite the difficulty in trying to categorize or classify their music, Hurly Burly has shown they have the chops to play with bands such as Fishbone, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Phunk Junkeez, Agent Orange, Strung Out, and many others.

With its beginnings in 1998, Hurly Burly rose from the ashes of many previous bands, most notably Variety Pac (a ska-ish style group) and Implode, a band with a harder rock/metal edge. When Variety Pac, after a fairly successful rise in popularity from '97-'98, decided to split to follow different musical paths, the two bands came together to jam. While never intending to be a serious band, the combination of the horn section and the rhythm style inspired a truly original sound that was so much fun to play that the guys just kept at it to see where it would go.

After only a few months of practice, Hurly Burly headed into Dog Run Studios, run by Eddie Casillas of the Voodoo Glow Skulls, to record their first few demos: "The Mess We've Made" (Feb. 2000) and "The Voodoo Sessions," (Dec. 2000). As the band continued to write new songs and play endless gigs (including the most rockin' backyard BBQ parties their home town of Simi Valley, CA had ever seen), they continued to draw a dedicated following. The next few years saw Hurly Burly really break out and establish themselves at larger venues while opening for a wide range of nationally touring acts.

Hurly Burly used this extensive live experience to not only keep improving their musicianship, but also their song writing. Having gained a reputation for their energetic live shows, Hurly Burly strives to create music that's exciting and dynamic, perfect for the live environment or just kicking back with some friends for a good time. This approach served them well when they entered the studio in 2007 to record their self-titled EP, which featured such crowd favorites as "Higher" and "Crowd Please Us."

Hurly Burly takes pride in not taking themselves too seriously — a major factor in the band's ability to create fun, good-time party music with no restrictions. So kick back with a few beers and have some laughs, they'll provide the music.

Hurly Burly is: Richard Kaminski - vocals, Choco Freta - bass, Fat Steve Moses - guitar, Cristian Navarro - guitar, Blake Hedding - drums, Marc Boatman - trumpet, Sam Light - sax